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Helping You Help Schools

Employment Candidates

It is our belief that every school employee holds an important role in the education process. Substitutes provide an essential service to schools within a moment’s notice; they fill a need, they save the day. Let us help you achieve your goal of being a hero in your community.

School Districts

Our entire shop is set up to support your mission by taking on some of the hardest and most critical recruitment needs you face daily: Substitutes. From unique regional collaborations to traditional staffing models, we execute from a proven ability to support a wide-range of needs in schools.

Substitute Workforce

Find your next assignment, view online training courses, access your pay stubs or download employee forms. Whatever the reason, know that we appreciate you and we seek to serve. We are here to be as resourceful as possible for you in our work together.

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Our Beliefs

Reliable Service

Dedicated School Staffing was founded on the belief that standing by best practices, operating with high moral conduct, and prioritizing people will create great results in education. Our commitment to these key principles provides reliable service to all we serve.

Our Approach

Relationships First

Formed from steadfast business philosophies, the values powering our work move us to approach every aspect of our responsibilities with vigor, integrity and passion. This attitude yields the best possible outcome for everyone involved – substitutes, administrators, teachers, staff, students and the community at large.

Our Values

Refreshingly Open

We are committed to our core values and a common vision that defines who we are. We foster an environment of creative freedom and imagination and we are established as a trusted and dedicated business partner. “Do what you say, say what you do,” is one of the great axioms we live by each day. Our business style is open and transparent and we are committed to your experience of working with honest people, providing dependable service.

My favorite part about working for Dedicated School Staffing is the ability to consistently grow and learn not only from the work I do, but the people I work with. Everyone has unique and influential talents within our organization that makes the work flow together nicely and that much more enjoyable.
Emily Tornow
Recruitment Manager